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When 10K Law P.C. gets involved, you can expect guidance on:

  • Handbooks & Growth – Policy and procedural requirements are dictated by jurisdiction, industry, company size among many variables. Taken together, this handbook can keep your supervisors aligned, your staff productive, and your reputation & recruitment efforts consistent. Your employee handbook should certainly reflect the laws concerning employment, healthcare, privacy, etc. However, this book should also deliver your clear brand so that the entire team is on the same page. So, seek advice from attorneys experienced in rapid growth and change
  • SOX & Restructures – Larger companies periodically restructure to ensure that team energy remains aligned with the corporate milestones. However, such restructures occur within a context of thicker handbooks, to put it simply. For public companies, the SEC adds layers of internal controls via compliance with Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations. To navigate a necessary restructure, it helps to have a team that has handled large restructures in complex environments
  • Government Procedures – The United States Government delivers stability through a highly regulated, constantly evolving environment. Beyond the unparalleled size and resources, there is a political aspect to some roles and an equally apolitical approach to most other staff jobs. Example: While an employee or contractor may be suspended or debarred for bias or non-disclosure of such, there are also well-established procedures to respond in these situations. We have assisted clients from multiple perspectives
  • Separation & Non-Competes – When an employment or contractor relationship concludes generally, certain obligations may continue specifically in relation to non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disclosure, etc because the relationship delivered access to certain proprietary information that must be protected. The best way to protect these corporate assets is on day one with a contract that clearly lays out these conditions. When steps are taken subsequently, these may require greater skill to evaluate your options under the law and to secure your best outcome.

Gain our team’s experience across growth, restructures, government programs and separations as well as our skills across building the company and managing Litigation & ADR options. 10K Law P.C. is prepared to assist you!

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